Moral boundaries have become a very tricky commodity these days. We are challenged all the time. Only this one time – if you can be persuaded to make an exception once everyone knows you can be convinced again. Nobody will stick with the “only this once” rule.

  • It is only a small amount – Once you have compromised, where do you draw the line? If you can give up your principles for R50, next time you will be offered R500. Almost right is still wrong. You cannot eat a buck that you almost shot.
  • There is never a good time to have the difficult conversations. If something is a conflict of interest, acknowledge it immediately.
  • Problems do not go away or become smaller over time. They tend to escalate and get worse.

Make sure everyone knows your boundaries and principles and do not compromise on them. Whoever does not respect your values and principles does not deserve to be your business or life partner.